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Inspired by the adventurous man that grew up wearing G-SHOCK and now has refined his style to a more professional look, the Metal Twisted G-SHOCK collection consists of premium chronograph models.



Global Time Sync

Casio has transitioned from an international vision reflecting the perspectives of various nations and regions to a global vision emanating from a unified globe. When a user conducts a city selection operation, the watch itself responds by ascertaining and synchronizing the time. The original performance, combining new levels of reliability and practicality, encourages a lifestyle of continuous learning. The era is evolving toward a single unified globe, where the time is grasped in a single moment anywhere and anytime.


This hybrid time information reception function receives GPS satellite radio waves from any location on the globe and standard time radio waves, from any of six transmission stations worldwide. The world’s first*2 hybrid system to enjoy the mutually complementary benefits of these two advanced reception systems, it acquires accurate time data for the current location anywhere in the world.

Core Guard

A metal frame is formed by joining the bezel and the back cover with four stainless-steel pipes. An resin inner case is installed inside the frame to protect the module from direct shocks. A fine resin shock absorber is inserted between the bezel and the case and a suspension effect alleviates impacts from shocks.

Triple G

Shock Resistant Structure
CASIO’s proprietary G-SHOCK structure absorbs and repels strong shocks and vibrations. This core G-SHOCK technology continues its perpetual evolution

Centrifugal Gravity-Resistant Structure
Highly detailed calculations based on the weight of each hand are conducted to achieve an optimal balance and assure stable hand movement, even under pressure from powerful gravitational forces.

Vibration-Resistant Structure
Alpha Gel is employed as an insulator surrounding the module inside the case. This structure prevents damage and operating errors under conditions of violent vibrations.


Avon 39

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